Hospitable Shandong: Where Excellence is Made

Date: 2022-09-14, Source: chinadaily.com.cn, Total Visits :

A large promotional event themed "Where excellence is made, Welcome to Shandong" was held on Sept. 8th in Beijing to showcase a wide range of well-known brands from Shandong across several sectors including manufacturing, culture, and food.


The Shandong promotional event kicks off on Sept. 8th in Beijing.

In recent years, Shandong province has implemented a precise brand strategy and has made significant progress in the resuscitation of old brands and the development of new brands.

Brand development has become a critical tool for reviving economic growth and bringing in revenue, and brand power is important for high-quality development in the new era.

Shandong has been working to revitalize existing brands and create innovative leaders in the province. It is believed that brand building will propel sectors to a higher level of sophistication and refinement.


Li Ganjie, Party Secretary of Shandong, delivers a speech at the event. 

During his speech at the promotional event, Li Ganjie, Party Secretary of Shandong, stressed that Shandong will continue to strengthen the construction of "Shandong Good Products", lead high-quality development with brand standardization, create more industrial, regional brands and geographical indication products with brand systematization, and help more "Shandong Good Products" to go global.

Shandong has established the "4+1" brand system for enterprises, industries, regions and geographical indication. Measures have also been taken to build regional brands that are required to be "unique with Shandong characteristics, domestically and internationally famous". The steps were created with top-level design, and strong processes were implemented to ensure continuous advancement.


Zhou Naixiang (middle), Governor of Shandong, promotes Shandong products. 

Zhou Naixiang, Governor of Shandong, as well as other senior officials from Shandong, promoted the province's products, which include handicrafts, farm produce, and high-tech outcomes.

The regional brand value of the "Yantai apple" has reached more than 15 billion yuan ($2.16 billion), and it has been the number one brand in China's fruit industry for 13 consecutive years.

Weifang fruit pit carving is a traditional art from, and is part of the "Shandong handmade" brand system with other six categories.

The Qingdao-made Conson No 1 is the world's first 100,000-metric-ton, smart fish-farming ship.

The world's first 600-kilometer-per-hour high-speed maglev train system was launched in Qingdao, Shandong province in July last year.

Weichai Group launched the world's first commercial diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 51.09 percent and can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent respectively.

Goertek's AR smart glasses combine navigation, environmental information and 3D virtual effects in real environments.

The Wego surgical robot makes remote surgeries more precise and accurate.

At the promotional event, 12 enterprises, including Haier Group, Luhua Group, Weichai Power, Inspur and Changyu Group, were awarded with the first batch of "Shandong Good Products" enterprise image identification authorization certificates.


High-tech products from Shandong are highlighted at the event. 

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