Shandong Iusses Consumption Coupons to Stimulate Economy

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The consumption coupon is an effective means to stimulate the consumption vitality, and plays an effective role in pulling through the epidemic, expanding domestic demand and improving people's livelihood. Many places are using consumption coupons to stimulate the economy, including Shandong province. Over the past 20 days, more than 10 million consumption coupons have been issued in different ways in several cities in Shandong.


On March 19, Jinan municipal finance arranged a special fund of 100 million yuan to support cultural and tourism enterprises to tide over difficulties and promote the revitalization of the cultural and tourism industry. In addition, the city has launched 20 million yuan of consumption coupons for cultural and tourism enterprises to boost the consumption in culture and tourism.

The coupons are issued in face values of 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 80 yuan, 150 yuan and 200 yuan. Consumers can receive the coupons through WeChat mini program “Paste Ticket”.

The first batch of 1.1 million yuan electronic consumption coupons have been collected in less than two days.


A total of 3.65 million coupons, launched in the "2020 consumption season of Qingdao’s 10,000 stores", were officially issued on April 4. The coupons cover supermarket, convenience stores, department stores, catering, culture and tourism. From April 4 to June 30, consumption coupons in Qingdao will be issued continuously for 13 weeks through the UnionPay app.

In the first week, more than 205,000 coupons have been collected, and more than 183,000 residents have received coupons, effectively boosting the public consumption and the economy of Qingdao.


From April to July, Zibo will issue 22 million yuan worth of consumption coupons via the UnionPay app. The capital of consumption coupons is 20 million yuan from Zibo municipal finance and 2 million from Shandong Branch of China UnionPay. The coupons are in face values of 50 yuan and 100 yuan.

50 yuan coupon is available for bills over 100 yuan while 100 yuan coupon can be used for bills over 200 yuan. Only one coupon can be used for each purchase.

In order to benefit more citizens, each UnionPay user can receive one coupon of 100 yuan and one coupon of 50 yuan each month. The coupon is valid for 20 days from the date of collection.


On March 11, Jining issued cultural consumption coupons worth 100,000 yuan, in face values of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan. After registering with their real names on Jining Cultural Consumption Service Platform, citizens can collect the coupons and buy cultural and tourism products on the service platform.

On April 11, Zoucheng issued the second batch of 100,000 yuan of cultural consumption coupons.


From mid-April to the end of June, Weihai will carry out three rounds of people-benefit consumption activities. Weihai will invest 10 million yuan of financial funds to subsidize electronic consumption coupons. The first round will be carried out from April 17 to May 5, mainly in the catering industry which was heavily affected by the epidemic. A total of 150,000 consumption vouchers will be issued in the first round, with a total value of 3 million yuan. The second round will be held in May in catering, scenic spots, entertainment, sports and fitness industries. The third round will be in June in the life service sector. The two rounds of activities will invest 7 million yuan of financial funds and the funds deposited in the first round due to overdue consumption coupons.

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