Shandong Sets up Expert Groups to Ensure Vegetable Supply

Date: 2020-02-06, Source:, Total Visits :

The agricultural departments in Shandong had dispatched groups of experts to the major vegetable production areas to guide the production of vegetables since the outbreak of the epidemic so as to ensure a stable supply of vegetables.

As the largest vegetable producing province in China, Shandong is known as the “vegetable garden” or “vegetable basket for Beijing and Shanghai”. To combat the epidemic, Shandong took practical actions and effective measures to ensure the supply of vegetables in Beijing, Shanghai and Hubei, and at the same time maintain the stability of its provincial market.

The groups of experts have carried out investigations on the current situation of vegetable production, supply of seeds and seedlings, management of fertilizer and water, occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and industrial production of edible fungi, and put forward specific countermeasures. They also work with staff members of major vegetable production areas to analyze technical problems and provide on-site guidance.

The provincial groups of experts also guide cities and counties to carry out technical service activities. On the single day of February 2nd, Shandong had 678 technicians work on the frontline, providing service to 4,255 rural households on-site; 1,342 technicians online helped 24,355 rural households to solve problems in vegetable production.

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