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Zhong’Ao Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise and mainly deals with duckbreeding, duck cultivation and duck processing. Zhong’Ao group gains the National Key Leading Enterprise in Agriculture Industrialization, the National poverty alleviation leadingenterprise,the fix-pointenterprise for national special needed commodity, the top 50 enterprises in Chinese meat industry and the AAA-level Credit Enterprise for 10 years running, the duck comprehensive productivity is the first in Chinese same industry.

Zhong’Ao Group attaches much importance to food safety and manages on the whole industrial chain. Now Zhong’Ao Group has formed a industrial chain with duck breeding, duckling incubation, commercial duck breeding, fodder processing, down feather processing and Biomass power generation, Zhong’Ao Group has passed the  international quality system authentication of ISO9001, HACCP and BRC, The meat-type breeding farm was awarded “standardized demonstration area for producing domestic meat-type ducks” and the products were honored with a title of “Green Food”.  Furthermore, its trademark was recognized as “famous trademark of ” by the SAIC; The product of “the first duck” sold well in  and U.K. more than 28 countries. The Group obtained “a quality prize awarded by the governor of province”.

Zhong’Ao Group attaches much importance to scientific and technological innovation and advocates green, low carbon and environmental protection. Zero-pollution and zero-emission has been realized for the entire processing industry of meat-type duck breeding through win-win partnership that cooperated with CSIC to construct the project of power generation from biomass.

Zhong’Ao Group first created the Zhong’Ao model centering on “1235”, namely order cultivation model of “company+standardized farms+farmers”. By means of contractual, standardized, intensive and mass “Zhong’Ao model”, it can guarantee the farmers’ interest and satisfies the highquality material supply, it forms virtuous circle of market linking company and company helping farmers. It has led 300, 000 farmers on a road to createwealth together. In addition, its successful experience has been chosen asdevelopment case of UN anti-poverty to be popularized around the world.

Development goals of Zhong’Ao Group: to be more excellent, stronger, greater, and morecompetitive and to be a one-hundred-year enterprise with sense of socialresponsibility and mission.

In the following five years, Zhong’Ao Group will continue expanding the scale of meat-type duck reproduction, breeding and further processing. At the time when it is the leader of poultry farming in , it will lead millions of farmersto a road for creating wealth and make more contributions to the new socialistrural construction.

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