Investment Environment

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Labor Force Resource

The annual average income of a worker in Weihai is about 8,000 RMB yuan (US$964). In Weihai, 600 RMB yuan(US$73) per month is enough to employ a worker , 1,000 - 1,500 RMB yuan (US$120-180) to employ a section chief and 2,000RMB yuan (US$240) to employ a senior manager.      

Weihai Government has very strict requirements for the workers. According to the employment entry system, only the personnel who have at least received the senior middle school education can get the job. If the personnel cannot reach the requirement of the government concerning age, education level and health condition, they can not get a job. Even the qualified person should be professionally trained by the labor authority and attain professional quality certificates before they are employed. All these measures ensure the quality of workers in Weihai.

Living Environment

Weihai is endowed with beautiful scenes and four clear seasons. Backed by mountains and facing the sea, Weihai has been a famous summer resort. In 1996, Weihai was selected as one of the model cities for improving human living environment in the world by UN. In 1998, Weihai was awarded as the best tourist city.      

There are a lot of scenic spots and historical sites in Weihai.Liugong Island,2.1 nautical miles away from city proper, is famous as the birthplace of the Chinese first navy-Beiyang Navy.The Shengjing Mountain is the birthplace of the Quanzhen School of Taoism.The Chengshan Mountain in Rongcheng is known as the End of the Sky . The Swan Lake in Rongcheng is the biggest living place for swans in the north of China.In winter, thousands of swans gather here, singing and dancing, which draws a magnificent picture.      

Weihai enjoys thousands of miles of golden coastlines, along which lies many beautiful sunny beaches and natural bathing beaches. You can enjoy sunbath on the beaches or swim in the sea. Many natural hot springs with high-quality water are scattered in Weihai, which can be used for curing diseases.      

There are plenty of well-facilitated hotels, restaurants, and leisure places in Weihai, where the perfect services are offered. Weihai Fanhua Golf Club owns the court of 18 holes and 72 drivings, and is the only one in China with each hole facing the sea.      

Large-scale supermarket, department stores,shopping centers, franchising shops can be found here and there.      

All the hospital are open for the foreign businessmen . They are equally treated as the native citizen in terms of medical expenses.      

Complying with the stipulations of the nation and Shandong province, Weihai has stipulated the Provisional Management Measures for the Children of Foreigners Schooling in Weihai which has improved and standardized the management of the schooling of the foreign students and provided the foreign students with convenience to be educated in Weihai.      

In order to supply the foreigners with better living and study environment, Weihai Government has initiated to build two residential neighborhoods for foreigners equipped with the international schools, hospitals and entertainment and recreation center.

Investment Services      

The governments of different levels in Weihai have set up the foreign investment service centers in order to provide the foreign investors with more convenience.      

Weihai Foreign Investment Service Center has over 10 governmental departments related with foreign investment gathered in so as to offer the foreign investors with the services called one station with all procedures .Before you make up your mind to invest, you can first get the consulting regarding laws and policies, investment environment and proper project. When you initiate the investment procedures, you can have the services in terms of incorporation application and construction assistance. During the manufacturing, you can have the assistance in the aspects of insurance, material purchase , sales promotion, coordinating the disputes, accounting, translation , training of employee and conference planning. Besides, the center can also help you with the daily life requirements such as housing, children schooling, medical treatment and tourism consulting. The investors will be provided with the sincere services from the consulting of laws and regulations to the drafting of the legal documents, from the market research to feasibility study of project, from the application to the registration, from the purchasing or renting of buildings to the construction, from the employment of workers to the training, from getting all the approval documents to the export of the products, from the purchasing of raw materials to the marketing development and from solving all the difficulties in the manufacture to mediating the disputes.


Ports There are 6 special ports and 85 cargo ports such as Longyan port in Weihai. Weihai port ,Shidao port and Longyan port are the national first class open port, and Rushankou port, Zhangjiabu port are the national second class open port. In addition, there are 2 first class open handling area which are Lijiang port and Zhukou port. There are 8 berths for the ships of over 10,000 tons including a comprehensive berth for refined oil & LPG for the ships of 50,000 tons .Weihai Port is a deep water and ice-free port .Shidao Port is the largest fishing port in the north of China .Weihai has built up a multi-functional and well-facilitated harbor system consisting of the normal ports ,container ports ,coal ports and the ports for tourists .The regular passenger-cargo ships from Weihai to Inchon and Puchon, Korea, the container liner from Weihai to Japan as well as the line from Weihai via Dalian to the other places of the world have been already in use.     

Airport Constructed according to the international 4D standard, Weihai airport can be used for kinds of civil planes. The lines to Beijing ,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Harbin, Shenyang, and Haikou have been opened to business.     

Railway The 137.5-kilometer long local railway from Weihai to Taocun has been open to traffic, which makes Weihai connected with national railway net.     Road The highways with high technical standards lead Weihai in all directions.There are 2,185.8 kilometers of road open to traffic. The density of the highways is 40.2 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. Weihai is linked with Qingdao and Yantai by express ways. With urban area as the center, the road network stretching to Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan and connecting the neighbor areas has been formed.

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