Key Investment Fields

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Coal Chemical Industry

Give priority on coal coking and gasification. Coal coking is focused on fine benzene, naphthalene, anthracene oil, tar, UHP electrode, etc. Coal gasification is focused on methnol, daicel, aceticacid, acetate fiber, ethene, propylene, methyl carbonate and other clean energy products.

Machinery Manufacturing

Give priority on complete vehicles and key accessories, mining machinery, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, river ships and agricultural machinery, digital machine tools, power transmission systems, etc.

Biological Medicine

Give priority on biological drugs, new types of modern Chinese medicine and medical equipment, etc.

Medicine Food

Strengthen the product chains of seasonings, grease and oil, meat and poultry, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits. Foster famous brands.

Textile and Clothes

Strengthen the product chains of wool, cotton and synthetic spinning. Popularize advanced spinning technologies. Foster renowned brands of garment and home textile products.

Modern Agriculture

Ten highlighted sectors: garlic and onion, meat, egg and table ducks, milk and beef cattle, melons and vegetablesedible bacteriumplantlet osierhigh quality fruits, aquatic products, stevia, fast-growing and high-yield forestry.

Key Industrial Areas for Investment

Jining has one national high-tech industrial zone, one tourism and vacation zone, and 14 provincial economic development zones. There are also specific industrial parks set up for Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and European investors. 

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