Economic Development

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Jining is the most important industrial city in southwest Shandong province and one of the key cities in foreign trade, investment and cooperation. In 2014, the GDP of Jining was RMB380 billion, ranking No.6 in Shandong province, and the local revenue reached RMB33.4 billion, ranking No. 5.

There are 2, 333 large and medium enterprises, seven of which have topped RMB10 billion in sales revenue. Five companies have become listed in stock exchanges in the US, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The production and sales of coal, power, garment, machinery and antibiotics take leading places in China.

Jining has won the following titles as an industrial center in Shandong:

*National Bio-Ttech Industrial Base

*National Construction Machinery Industrial base

*National New Textile Materials Base.

*National Photovoltaic Industrial Base

*National Trailer (Special Vehicle) Manufacturing Base

*Provincial Machinery and Truck Base

*Provincial Watercraft Manufacturing Base

Renowned Brands of Jining:

There are 37 “Famous Brands in China”, 154 “Famous Brands in Shandong province” and 67 national geographical indication brands. Ruyi Brand textiles and Lukang Brand medicine are designated by the Commerce Ministry of China as “Top Brands in Export.”

Equipment Manufacturing

Jining is a national engineering machinery manufacturing base. The machinery industry is headed by Shantui Group, Komatsu Shantui, Komatsu Fork-lifter, Shantui General Factory, Eaton Hydraulics, etc. The auto and parts industry is headed by Sino-Truk Jining Factory, Yanzhou Pirreli Tyre and ASC Liangshan Trailer. Jining is becoming the biggest base of engineering machinery, special vehicles, remodeling and heavy trucks in China.


Jining is a national Biotech industry base approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The biggest players include Cathey Biotech, Linghua Group, Xuehua Group, Deggussa, Qinghua Chengzhi, Ajinomoto, Chia Tai, etc. Main products are long chain diacid, lysine, glutamine, etc. Jining has become a major global production bases of lysine and monosodium glutamate.

Textile and Garments

Jining is a national new textile material industrial base and also the biggest top-grade spinning base. Main players include Ruyi group, Kartex, Morigin Textile, Euro-America Home Textile and Nogara Garment, which have made Jining a very important production base of cotton spinning, woollen, linen and synthetic. Production of quality suits, fashion clothes, casual clothes and home textiles have developed into large scale. Ruyi Group’s spinning technology and Morigin Textile’s compact spinning technology have won first and second prizes in National Technological Innovation.

New Energy and Materials

Named as “National Photovoltaic Industrial Base”, Jining is one of China’s major supplier for power and energy. A series of projects have been established in Jining in cooperation with the industry leader--United Microelectronics (Taiwan). From backing materials, epitaxial wafer, chip packaging to terminal utilization, a complete LED industrial chain has been set up, together with a photovoltaic product chain containing monocrystal silicon, polysilicon and solar energy cells, etc. With a 30MW demonstration power station and total industrial scale of 140 MW, Jining has become the largest film solar cell photovoltaic industrial base in Asia.

Medicine and Food Industry

Jining is one of the three bases for antibiotics production. The medicine industry is headed by Lukang Pharmaceutical, Luchang Chenxin,Shengli Inc, Huaneng Life Science, Liangfu Pharmaceutical, Ruitong Medical Equipment and so on. Main products are biological medicine, Chinese medicine, medicine raw materials, medical equipment, and so on.

The food industry is headed by Linghua Group, Xuehua group, Yutang Pickles, Yanjing Wuming beer, Sankong beer and Kongfujia Group. Main products are peanut, garlic, starch, vermicelli, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, seasoning, stevioside and monosodium glutamate, etc.

Coal-chemical Industry 

Jining is a famous coal-chemical base in China. Main players in coal production and processing include Yankuang Group, Yankuang International Coking, Yankuang Guohong Chemicals, Jining Carbon, Sunlight Coal Chemicals, Minsheng Coking and Jinwei Coking.

Other Industries

Sun Paper and Huajin Paper are the two leaders in Jining’s paper industry. Pirreli Tire is world famous for rubber products. Jinglu Yijiu and other manufacturers form a competitive group in glove and garment making. Hongchang, Hongtai and other producers are nationally important processers of garlic. Zhenyu Foods and Fukang Foods are becoming giants of aquatic product processing. The watercraft industry in Weishan develops at a rapid speed.


The output of grains in Jining accounts for one tenth of the total amount of Shandong, aquatic water products 1/4 and livestock 1/3. Hence it is an important production and processing base of agricultural and subsidiary products. The output of garlic in Jinxiang reaches up to 600 thousand tons with an export volume of 400 thousand tons, taking 70% of national export volume.

Characteristic products include Jinxiang garlic, Weishan Sheldrake, Yutai Rice, Luxi Scalper and Small-Tailed Sheep, etc. 

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