Investment Environment

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Convenient Transportation

Weifang is an important ground transport hub in China. Its highway mileage ranks first in Shandong Province. Five expressways, including the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and five railway lines such as the Jiaoji Railway Line, run through the city. Weifang Port is a class one open port, while Weifang Airport is one of the four major airmail sorting centers in China.

Education, Science and Research

The human resource work has improved actively. In 2013, we introduced 536 foreign experts to work in Weifang, and organized 287 expert items. The professional technical team has expanded in large scale. There are 118 experts enjoying the special allowance from the State Council, and 52 middle-aged and young specialists got the award of provincial level devotion. There are 1069 professional technical top-notch personnel, 11 people elected in the national “thousand talents plan”. In Weifang, we have 24 postdoctoral stations.

Security Service System

Weifang has complete investment safety and social security systems concerning legal consultation, personnel exchange, contract arbitration, insurance and banking services. Its cultural, educational and hygiene systems have also been improved greatly in recent years. The city has a number of star-level hotels and recreation facilities up to international standards. Besides, the city has well-established business and living facilities, and a desirable social environment.

Historical Opportunities

Currently, Weifang is facing great development opportunities, as it is covered by a series of important strategies made by central government and Shandong Province Government on the development of “three areas”--Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Area, Yellow River Delta High-Efficiency Bio-Economic Development Area and Jiaodong Peninsula High-End Industrial Concentration Area. In order to grasp these opportunities, Weifang has speeded up the development of its northern coastal region comprehensively.

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