Economic Development

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With a good industrial foundation, Weifang has developed a complete industrial complex, with six traditional competitive industries such as mechanical equipment, automobile manufacturing, oil and salt chemical, textile and garment, food processing paper packaging, and with six main strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, bio-medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and electric automobile, intelligent device, ocean power equipment and is honored as “Electronics City”, “Power City” and “Textile City” in China. And a number of strong companies are emerging in various fields, such as Weichai Power, Foton, Chenming Paper, Haihua Group, Delicious Food, Sinoer, GoerTek and AO Devices.


Weifang is an important production area of farm products in China. Shouguang, a county-level city in Weifang, is the largest “vegetable basket” of China, and the export of chicken from Zhucheng city amounts for 1/10 of that of the country. Besides, the beef of Gaomi City, the duck of Changle county, the flowers of Qingzhou City, the vegetable processing industry of Anqiu City, the prawn and scallop breeding in Changyi City also play a leading role in China as well as in Shandong province. In recent years, a number of new technological agricultural “corridors” and production bases of high quality farm products have been built.


Weifang is a famous cultural and tourist city in China. The paleontological fossils in Linqu county and the dinosaur fossils in Zhucheng City can be rated as world wonders, the wood-cut painting of Yangjiabu Village is one of the three most famous wood-cut paintings in China. Being home to the headquarters of the International Kite Federation, Weifang is honored as the World Kite Capital. Weifang International Kite Festival, an annual grand event, attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad with its unique folk cultures. The hometown of Moyan, Chinese First Nobel Literature Prize Winner is Gaomi City of Weifang.

Trade & Logistics

Weifang has a long trade history and it is an important distribution center in the east of Shandong province. The small commodity market, building materials market, farm machinery market and the auto market, which are under reconstruction currently, will be the largest markets in Shandong province. The peninsula trading and logistics center under construction will bring about new breakthroughs to the development of the service industry in the city.

Credit enterprises of commerce and trade have got much remarkable achievements. The urban and rural consumption environment has improved well. At present, Weifang aims to build as the regional logistic city center of “based in Shandong Province, facing the North China and East China, radiating Northeast Asia”. It will form an efficient, healthy and competitive market environment, and will guarantee the rapid and stable development of business service industry.

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