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Tourist Resort

Yantai is known as one of the most attractive tourism cities in China. In Yantai there are 60 A-level tourist attractions such as Penglai Pavilion-one of the most famous four pavilions in China, where the legendary Eight Immortals crossed the sea, Kunyu Mountain–the origin of Quanzhen Sect of Taoism, visited by the ancient Chinese emperors across 2000 kilometers, Changshan Islands–the celestial islands over the sea, consisting of 32 small islands. Besides, there are three national forest parks, one national natural reserve and one national wetland park. There are also 9 golf clubs, in which the biggest course has 279 holes. In 2014, Yantai hosted 148 exhibitions and 52 high-level sports games. All these make Yantai a worthwhile resort for settlement, traveling, vacation, health care, sports and exhibitions as well.

In 2014, Yantai has received 54.8 million visitors including 550,000 from abroad.

Civilized and Harmonious City

Yantai was awarded “The National Civilized City” for four consecutive terms, and “Model City for Comprehensive Management of the Public Security” (The “Chang’an Cup”) for six consecutive terms.

A Livable City

Yantai has received many honors, such as “UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor”, “China’s Model City for Human Settlement” “China’s Top Ten City for Living Quality”, “China’s Top Ten Leisure City” and “China’s Top Ten Well-being City”. More than 100,000 foreign business people and their families have settled in Yantai, along with their businesses. They enjoy living and working in Yantai.

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