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A Transportation Hub in North Chin

Like a pearl shining on Shandong Peninsula, Yantai is lying along the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, bordering on Liaodong Peninsula, Japan and South Korea across the sea. Covering an area of 13,700 km2 and with a total population of 7 million, Yantai is a critical center in the Economic Circle of the Bohai Sea. It serves as a logistics hub connecting Beijing-Tianjin Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta and the Northeast Asia Economic Rim, as well as a gateway city to Japan and South Korea. The American Magazine “Forbes” has put Yantai at the 5th position on the list of Chinese cities most favorable for logistics development.

Beautiful Landscape

Surrounded by mountains and seas, Yantai is blessed with the picturesque landscape and four distinct seasons. It is a vibrant and beautiful coastal city favorable for human settlement, known as the “Fairyland on Earth and City of Wine”, where you can enjoy blue sea and sky, golden sunshine and beach, miraculous islands, spectacular Penglai Pavilion, illusive mirage, clusters of grapes and numerous hot springs. The city, as a well-known tourist resort, has 90% air quality excellence rate and 43.6% forest coverage.

Administrative Divisions

Yantai covers an area of 13,700 km2, with a total population of 6,520,000. The greater Yantai includes five districts (Zhifu, Fushan, Laishan, Muping and High-tech Zone), seven county-level cities (Penglai, Longkou, Qixia, Haiyang, Zhaoyuan, Laiyang and Laizhou), one county (Changdao) and one state-level economic and technological development zone (Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone).

Abundant Products and Resources

Yantai is the origin of Shandong Cuisine, one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. Here you can enjoy the genuine Shandong Cuisine, tasting the irresistible delicious food, appreciating the quality of the city.

Yantai apple, Laiyang pear and Yantai big cherry enjoy a time-honored reputation. The colors of red and green are shining on this fertile land, with plentiful vigor and infinite enthusiasm.

Yantai is known as the only international vine & wine city in Asia and one of the top seven vine coast in the world. There are 152 wine makers, with famous brand names like Changyu, Great Wall and Weilong. The wine production accounts for 1/4 of the total in the nation.

Thanks to the rich and diversified marine fishery resources, Yantai has become an important fishery center in China, rich in over 200 marine products, including sea cucumber, abalone, prawn and different fish.

Yantai is abundant with mineral resources. The reserves of magnesium, molybdenum and talcum rank among top five in the country. Both the reserve and production of gold are No.1 in China, which account for 1/4 and 1/3, respectively. The coastal continental shelf is rich in petroleum and natural gas and has enormous potential to be tapped in the future.

History and Culture

As a city endowed with fine spirit and outstanding people, Yantai enjoys a long history and splendid culture. The Yantai people are of confidence and open mind, who have created fascinating culture and art by their wisdom and hardworking. Yantai is well known in China as ”Home of Peking Opera” and “Home of athletics”. Fourteen programs, such as legend of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, have been listed in the National Intangible Culture Heritage. The Haiyang Yangko Dance was performed at the Opening Ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing.

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