Humanities and Social Sciences

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Science, Technology and Education

In Zaozhuang city, there are 12 provincial or municipal engineering technology research centers, 2 key high-tech enterprises identified by the national torch plan, 9 new new high-tech enterprises, 3 new enterprises independent innovation Dr. workstations and 3 provincial academician workstations.

Medical and Health

Zaozhuang has 221 health facilities (not including clinics) with 14857 health professionals and 1605 village health posts with 4503 village doctors and health workers.

Social Security

 Residents’ consumption level is largely improved. Social security capacity is gradually increased.

Human Habitat Environment

Zaozhuang is known to as the world’s “Number 1 Pomegranate Orchard”. Due to its ancient and intricate history, Zaozhuang contains a large amount of ancient relics and structures. In fact, Zaozhuang still has more than 72 temples which have survived from the war. During the early 1900s, a great movement began to fight off the Japanese forces occupying China. Among the greatest treasures from Zaozhuang is Mozi’s hometown. Mozi is an ancient Chinese philosopher. While his thoughts and values differed greatly from the established practices of Taoism and Confucianism, they garnered great support among the people. His philosophy, Mohism, was one of the “four schools of philosophy” during the Spring and Autumn time. It emphasizes equal care and consideration for all people, regardless of their relationship and standing. The concept was to create a universal code of ethics for man to live by, and affects the thoughts of people both in and out of China even today.

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