City Profile

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Geographical Condition

Laiwu is located at the eastern foot of Mount Tai, 117° 19'~117° 58' E, 36° 02'~36° 33' N. It borders on Jinan in the north, adjoins Zibo in the east and connects with Tai’an in the west and the south. Its maximum distance from south to north is 58 kilometers and 56.8 kilometers from east to west. And it is 100 kilometers away from the provincial capital Jinan. The terrain of Laiwu is a semi-circular basin where the south is flattened, the north is steep and the basin protrudes northwards. It is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and south sides, and opens to the west side. Its middle part is named as Tailai plain which is low and undulating. Two-thirds of the total area of Laiwu is mountain land, and about one third is hill and plain. Laiwu is also called as “Phoenix City with Eight Treasures”.

Administrative Division

Laiwu, located in central Shandong Province, is an emerging industrial city. The city has the jurisdiction over two administrative districts-- Laicheng and Gangcheng and six provincial parks, with an area of 2246 square kilometers and the population of 1.3 million. Laiwu is awarded as “National Sanitary City”, “National Garden City”, “China Excellent Tourism City”, “National Double-support Model City” and “China Investment Environment Top 100 City”.

Climate Condition

Laiwu locates in the zone of continental monsoon climate of warm temperate zone, with distinctive four seasons. Its annual average temperature is 13℃, the precipitation is up to 695 mm, and frost-free period lasts for 187 days.

Natural Resources

42 kinds of minerals, including coal, iron, aurum, cuprum, lime rock, dolomite rock, granite and terrestrial heat are found in Laiwu. The iron ore reserves are 0.45 billion tons, which enables Laiwu to become an important iron ore producing area in Shandong province. And Laiwu has 0.35 billion tons of coal reserves. There are Huaneng Laiwu Power Plant and Huadian Laicheng Power Plant in Laiwu, whose total installed capacity for generating electricity is 2.2 million KW, and annual power generation is 12 billion kilowatt-hour, therefore Laiwu has become an important energy base in Shandong province. The 2x1 million KW unit project in Laiwu Power Plant is under construction, which will promote the development of enterprises in Laiwu by using much more stable energy supply. 

Historical Culture

Laiwu is one of the important cradles of Qilu culture. It has a 3,000-year history of smelting and the iron-smelting history reaches 2,000 years, as well as it is all the time the important iron-smelting center in Chinese history. In this region, the ruins of Qi Great Wall are 400 years earlier than the Great Wall of Beijing. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the famous Changshao Battle happened in Laiwu, leaving the story of “press on to the finish without letup”. During the War of Liberation, famous Laiwu Campaign home and abroad has become the classic example of mobile warfare. The local opera “Laiwu Clapper” is one of the key operas retained by our country with more than 300 years history. Its major work wins the “Five-one Project Prize” awarded by the Publicity Department of the CPC and “Wenhua Award” awarded by the Ministry of Culture. Laiwu is also the home of the famous writer Wu Boxiao.

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