Humanities and Social Sciences

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City Construction

The built-up area of the city is 130 square kilometers, and the urbanization rate is up to 59%. Laiwu has the supporting infrastructure and good investment environment. It has sound legal advice, talent exchange, social insurance, financial services, electricity, communication and other security and social services system. The education and health system has been improved increasingly. The facilities for production, living and management are all well-equipped, and the social order is good. The customs, port, inspection, quarantine and other foreign-related institutions are complete, and the supply of capital, land, labor and other production factors are adequate. At present, it is the city that has the least approval matters in Shandong province.

Education and Scientific Research

Laiwu city now has 14 academician workstations, and 22 provincial-level engineering and technological research centers. By the end of 2013, schools of all kinds at all levels numbered 227 in Laiwu. Among those schools, there were 2 institutions of higher learning, 55 regular high schools, 155 primary schools, 14 trade schools and 1 special education school. The schools of all kinds at all levels have 175 thousand students.  

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