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Geographical Location

Dongying is situated in the Yellow River Estuary, and is geologically the youngest landform in China. Facing the Bohai Sea to the east, Dongying serves as an important point in the Circum-Bohai-Sea Region as well as a crucial component of the Shandong Peninsula City Cluster. As a pivotal area, the city connects four major economic regions, namely the Central Plains Economic Region, Northeast China Economic Region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Region and Shandong Peninsula Economic Region. It is about 400km from Beijing, 320km from Tianjin and 310km from Qingdao. 

Population and Natural Environment

This jurisdiction includes Dongying District, Hekou District, Guangrao County, Lijin County, Kenli County, Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone (a national-level economic zone featuring high & new technologies and advanced equipment manufacturing) and the Dongying Port Development Zone (an economic zone featuring eco-friendly chemicals next to the Dongying Port). Covering 8243 square km, the city is home to 2.07 million residents.

The climate here falls under the category of North Temperate Zone semi-humid monsoon climate. The annual average temperature stands at 12.5°C, and is frost-free for about 206 days. There are four distinct seasons, and the climate in Dongying is generally very pleasant. 

Natural Resources

Land Resources: Dongying boasts abundant land resources. With nearly 3000kmland available to be developed and a per-capita land area of 4575.6m2. Dongying has the largest available land resources in the eastern coastal area of China. 

Water Resources: The Yellow River runs through Dongying for 138km, with an annual runoff volume of 33 billion m3. The peak water storage capacity is 1 billion mgiving the city the highest per-capita water availability in Shandong Province. These water resource advantages provide for a reliable water guarantee for developing large-scale industries and modern agriculture. 

Mineral Resources: Dongying is the main production area of the Shengli Oilfield, which has 4.8 billion tons and 38.2 billion m3 proven oil and natural gas reserves respectively. There are also rich bittern reserves. With 7.4 billion m3 offshore bittern reserve and 590 billion tons salt reserve underground, Dongying City is endowed with unique advantages for developing petrochemicals and salt chemicals. Dongying also has the largest geothermal reserve in Shandong Province, which stands at 460 billion m3, providing favorable conditions for urban heating, off-season vegetable growing and tourism development.    

Marine Resources: The coastline of Dongying City stretches for 413km, that is 1/7 of the total in Shandong. 2/3 of Shandong’s tidal flat is in Dongying, covering an area of 1,200 km2. Within the15m fathom line, the offshore area covers 4,800 km2, accounting for 1/3 of Shandong’s total. All these conditions make Dongying an ideal place for developing aquaculture.

Unique Tourism Resources: The tourism resources in Dongying are both rich and unique. There are newly-deposited lands at the Yellow River estuary, as well as ancient lands within the city. In the north, there is a national-level nature reserve, showcasing natural environment of the Yellow River estuary and the wetland ecology in the estuary. In central Dongying, we can see modern industry, represented by the petroleum industry. Southern Dongying boasts an ancient and splendid culture, as it was the site of the ancient state of Qi.

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