The Second "Bridging" Conference of the Exhibition Industry between Taiwan and the Mainland Held in Xiamen

Date: 2015-12-04, Source: MOFCOM, Total Visits :

   The Second Conference of “Bridging” of the Exhibition Industry between Taiwan and the Mainland, jointly hosted by the Association of Economy and Trade across Taiwan Straits (AETATS), the CSESC and Taiwan Exhibition and Convention Association and Taiwan Trade Center was held on May 19 in Xiamen. The Vice-Chairman of the AETATS Wang Hui and the President of Taiwan Exhibition and Convention Association Ye Mingshui attended and addressed the conference. The relevant experts, scholars and heads of exhibition organizations of the exhibition industry between Taiwan and the Mainland discussed issues as strengthening the cooperation of exhibition industry of the two shores, deeply exchanged views and reached consensuses.

   This conference defined the working mechanism and the rules of procedure. Both sides agreed that firstly, the “bridging” working conference of the exhibition industry will be held annually in Taiwan and the Mainland by turns; secondly, the information exchange mechanism of the exhibition industry between the two shores will be set up to regularly publish and exchange information such as the trends of the exhibition industry, policies and trade and economic statistical data between the two shores; thirdly, communication will be strengthened in the aspect of talent training of the exhibition industry and the cooperation such as the exhibition lessons and pre-job training for graduates will be carried out; fourthly, both sides will promote the screening and implementation of the bridging projects as soon as possible. Besides, both sides exchanged views on the problems existing in the process of the exhibition, proposed suggestions on further standardizing the exhibition markets of the two shores, defined the next working direction of jointly studying the exhibition and discussed authorizing the management of the exhibition hall.

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