Investment Project in Laiwu (3)-0.1Million Tons per Year of Methanol Protein

Date: 2015-12-31, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Jining City, Total Visits :

Scale of Construction

0.1million tons of methanol protein per year

Market Forecast

Methanol protein is mainly used in animal feed, which can take the place of fish meal, soybean, bone meal, meat and defatted milk powder. Overseas, it is also used as the feed of piglet, chicken, calf and fish and being researched to be protein additive and raw material of seasoning as human food. The development of methanol protein is an important method to settle the problem of protein shortage in breeding and food industry, which means a lot to work out our food issues. At present, the demand of methanol protein is pressing in the whole world. As estimated, the gap of methanol protein in 2015 will be 85 million tons. And in China, the demand of methanol protein will be 4.25 million tons per year. So it has a big potential market in China.

Content of Construction

The project is built in Jining Development Zone of Chemical Industry. Advanced technology can be imported, such as British ICI, German Hoechst-Uhde and French IFP. Since the technology of methanol protein is developing so quickly, the specific choice should be made after the deep communication in the implementation process and then the most suitable choice will be decided.

Relative Supporting Facility

Currently the supporting public works in the development zone can meet the need of construction.

Analysis of Investment and Benefit

The total investment is 0.9 billion RMB and the sales revenue per year will reach 0.82 billion after completed. So the profit is 82.02 million RMB, ROI is 12% and the payback period is 9 years (including 2 years of construction period).


The first-phase preparations are being made.

Ways of Cooperation

Joint venture, sole proprietorship or joint-stock system

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