Investment Project in Laiwu (6)-10 Thousand Tons Per Year of PVB Project

Date: 2015-12-31, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Jining City, Total Visits :

Scale of Construction

10 thousand tons per year of PVB

Market Forecast

PVB has great cohesiveness and optical property, which is widely used in plastic interlayer and can hold on to plastic fragment even under heavy hit. It is used as adhesives, adhesive metal, wood, leather, china and fish bowl. Automobiles industry is an important market for high-end PVB, which is the indispensable material to produce automobiles’ windshield. Besides, PVB with special formula are also used in the field of aerospace, military and advanced technology. America is the biggest country that produces and consumes the most PVB. In 2010, the world demand of PVB was about 0.23 million tons and in 2015 it might reach 0.28 million tons.

Content of Construction

The project is built in Jining Development Zone of Chemical Industry. The project plans to adopt two-step method with PVA as the original material. The technology needs to be imported from foreign countries and consultations can be made from Solutia and Dupont companies in America and Sekisui Company in Japan.

Relative Supporting Facility

Currently the supporting public works in the development zone can meet the need of construction. The project is established in the project of PVA with 0.3 million tons a year. And then bring the advantage of raw material to extend the industrial chains.

Analysis of Investment and Benefit

The total investment is 0.35 billion RMB and the sales revenue per year will reach 0.35 billion after completed. So the profit is 50 million RMB per year, ROI is 16% and the payback period is 6 years


The first-phase preparations are being made.

Ways of Cooperation

Joint venture, sole proprietorship or joint-stock system

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