Investment Project in Laiwu (8)-0.1 Million Tons Per Year of PVA Project

Date: 2015-12-31, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Jining City, Total Visits :

Scale of Construction

0.1 million tons per year of PVA

Market Forecast

Polyvinyl alcohol, which is also short for PVA, is mainly used to produce POVAL acetal, gasoline pipelines and vinylon fiber. It can also be used as a adhesives to protect thin film, fabric and leather. At present, the whole capacity of PVA is 1.2 million tons a year. And the capacity of Asia, America and Western Europe can take up over 95%. As estimated in 2015, the whole demand of PVA will reach 1.7 million tons and growth rate of annual demand will be 4.1%. In the last few years, there has been no big difference of capacity or output of PVA in China. And the growth rate of annual output is 6.2%. In 2015, our consumption of PVA will reach 0.83 million tons.

Content of Construction

The project is built in Jining Development Zone of Chemical Industry. The project plans to adopt the technology of ethylene hypothermia alcoholysis, which is the leading method to produce PVA in the world. The scale of production is big, the quality is great, the equipment is easy to protect, govern and clean, the heat usage is high and the energy saving is prominent.

Relative Supporting Facility

Currently the supporting public works in the development zone can meet the need of construction. The project is established in the MTO project with 0.6 million tons a year. And then bring the advantage of raw material to extend industrial chains.

Analysis of Investment and Benefit

The total investment is 0.75 billion RMB and the sales revenue per year will reach 1.95 billion after completed. So the profit is 0.16 billion RMB per year, ROI is 21% and the payback period is 6 years (including 2 years of construction period).


The feasibility study report has been already completed.

Ways of Cooperation

Joint venture, sole proprietorship or joint-stock system

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