Laiwu-80,000 Ton per Year PVA Fiber Production Project

Date: 2015-12-31, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Jining City, Total Visits :

Production Scale

80,000 tons per year

Market Prediction

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is a king of synthetic fiber made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). PVA fiber is classified into water-soluble PVA, which is used in the textile industry, and high strength high modulus PVA, which is widely used for making rubber products, coated fabrics, plastic hoses, etc. The high strength high modulus PVA is an ideal alternative for asbestos and has a broad market prospect. It is predicted the market demand will increase at 19% in the next few years and by the year of 2015, its consumption in China will reach 100,000 tons. The mass industrialization and wide application of PVA fiber will soon come into reality, brining good social and economic benefits.

Project Content

The project is located in Jining Chemical Industrial Development Zone in Jinxiang county. Wet gel spinning method will be used in this project, which is environmental friendly because both the liquid solvent and the precipitant solvent is recycled within a closed system and environmental pollution from any waste liquor is prevented.

Supportive Facilities

The Zone has all necessary supportive infrastructure for this project.

Investment and Profit Analysis

The total project investment is 650 million yuan. The sales revenue is expected to reach 1.38 billion yuan and the yearly profit, 190 million yuan. The ROI is 29% and the payoff period is 5 years (including 2 years of construction).

Project Progress

Preparation work is in progress.

Cooperative Means

Joint venture, sole proprietorship or joint-stock system

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