Laiwu-Needle Coke Production Project (20,000 Tons per Year)

Date: 2015-12-31, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Jining City, Total Visits :

Production Scale

20,000 tons per year

Market Prediction

Needle coke which has metallic luster and is electricity and heat conductive is a major raw material for making HP and UHP used for making steel. This project is encouraged by the Chinese government. At present the global output capacity is about 1 million tons and the producers are mainly in the U.S., Japan and the UK. China needs about 60,000 tons of UHP every year, 20,000 tons of which are imported from abroad. China’s carbon factories have mastered the technology for producing UHP from needle coke. So this project will not only meet the needs of the domestic market but also the products can be exported. The raw materials for this project can be supplied by the carbon factories within the Chemical Industrial Zone, and thus the costs can be lowered.

Project Content

The project is located in Jining Chemical Industrial Development Zone in Jinxiang county. This project will use the testing unit produced by Minsheng Coal Chemical Co. and mature international technology. Static solvent sedimentation separation technique is used to remove the quinoline insolubles during the course of raw material pretreatment. The closed blowdown system, r-ray level meter and semi-closed and cold-cut water treatment system are used during the course of delayed coking. The Japanese rotary hearth calciner technique is used during the calcinations process.

Supportive Facilities

The Zone has all necessary supportive infrastructure for this project.

Investment and Profit Analysis

The total project investment is 200 million yuan. The sales revenue is expected to reach 3 million yuan and the yearly profit of 150 million yuan. The ROI is 7% and the payoff period is 4 year s(including 2years of construction).

Project Progress

Feasibility study report has been done.

Cooperative Means

Joint venture, sole proprietorship or joint-stock system

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