Heaven on Earth-Tai'an

Date: 2015-12-28, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Tai’an City, Total Visits :

Tai’an is located at the foot of the world-famous Mount Tai. The old saying goes “prosperous Mount Tai will make all China prosperous” which means "peace and prosperity, hence Tai’an is so named. Taian is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, where the splendid Dawenkou culture developed 5000 years ago. As emperors offered sacrifices to heaven, saints boarded and Buddhists, Taoists and the literati and the personages came in flocks, Tai’an and Mount Tai were left many scenic spots and historic sites.

Mount Tai, the five great mountains exclusive, is known as “world mountain first” and is the symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation. As early as in 1987, it was selected for the UNESCO World Cultural and natural heritage in the first, and it is the world geological park. It is hailed as “the oriental history and culture”.

Tai’an has a total area of 7762 square kilometers with the population of 5,600,000, which administer two districts, two towns and two counties. There are national high-tech development zones, tourist economic development zones and Mount Tai Scenic Area.

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