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Unblocked Tai’an

Tai’an has superior location, convenient transportation, which is located in the center of golden tourist line in Shandong, famous for “Mount Tai, Spring Water and Confucius”. Tai’an has a circumference of 500 kilometer and a population of 0.4 billion in its surrounding area. There is Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and thus only need two hours to reach Beijing and three hours to reach Shanghai. Beijing-Taiwan, Beijing-Shanghai and Qianghai-Lanzhou highways are cross Tai’an. Tianjin, Qingdao, Lianyungang Port can be reached within 4 hours. Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport can be reached with one hour.

Culture of Tai’an

Tai’an has profound cultural foundation and one of China’s historical and cultural cities. It is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization-Site of the Dawenkou Culture.

Resources of Tai’an

Tai’an has rich mineral resources. The proven minerals include 58 kinds, such as coal, iron, rock salt, gypsum, natural sulfur, Mount Tai jade and the amount of available reserves is 50 billion tons. The amount of natural sulfur reserves is 3.2 billion tons, ranking first in Asia. The amount of gypsum reserves is 36.1 billion tons, ranking first in China.

The amount of rock salt reserves is 7.5 billion tons, ranking first in Shandong province. The amount of kali salt reserves is 9.44 million tons, ranking first in Shandong province. The amount of iron mine reserves is 0.738 billion tons, ranking third in Shandong province. The amount of coal reserves is 2.5 billion tons, ranking fourth in Shandong province. The amount of Mount Tai jade reserves is 9 million tons.

With fertile land, Taian is China’s production base for grain, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, livestock, nursery stock and flower. Mount Tai chestnut, her tea, Feicheng Buddha peach, jujube Ningyang date and other special local products are known at home and abroad.

The area of certified organic vegetable base is 330,000 thousand acres. The area of flower seedlings reaches 302,000 acres and the dairy herds breeding stock amounts to 226,000.

Tai’an is one of largest organic food, green food production and processing bases in China. It is also one of Asian suppliers of KFC, McDonald and other international interlocking mechanism. With unique geographical environment and climatic conditions, Taishan bred more than 1200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines. Mount Tai ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum, four-leaf ginseng, comfrey, polygonatum kingianum and other herbs are well-known in the world.

In Tai’an, the mountain and the city blend with each other. The ancient mountain and the modern city are in harmony and unity. With numerous places of interest, Tai’an is one of China’s first open tourist cities and China excellent tourism city. In 2012, the domestic and foreign tourism arrivals in Tai’an reached 43,240,000; the tourism revenue amounted to 38.6 billion yuan and the annual growth rate in recent years was more than 20%.

Science and Technology of Tai’an

Tai’an is one of three education and culture central cities in Shandong province. There are 9 regular institutions of higher learning including Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong University of Technology, Mount Tai Medical College, and so on as well as 28 technical schools. The total number of students is 180,000. The enterprise independent innovation ability has improved significantly. 1813 important scientific and technological achievements of 1813 and 18162 patent applications have been made. 12 state-level engineering technology centers and national key laboratories has been built. The number of “863” industrialization base and other national and provincial industrial bases is 24. These all greatly enhance the enterprise’s core competitiveness. The number of National high-tech enterprises reached 72. The development layout of the strategic emerging industries has initially formed.

Technological development environment is optimizing. There are 35 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering and Mount Tai Scholars such as Yu Songlie, Shu Huairui, Shan Lun, Yu Zhenwen, Yin Xiangchu, SONG Zhenqi, and so on. It is the “national IPR demonstration city”. Tai’an has won the title of “national science and technology advanced city” and was among the “top 50 comprehensively innovative city in China” for six consecutive years.

Green Tai’an

Taian has a pleasant climate, with annual average temperature of 12 degrees, the air quality daily rate of 95.6% and the forest coverage rate of 38.6%. It has been named national garden city and is one of the most livable and charming cities. Green economy industries are booming and it is the only one energy-saving environmental protection industry demonstration base in Shandong Province. 

Open Tai’an

It has implemented the strategy to enhance the overall level of opening up. The primary industry, secondary and tertiary industries are developing with intergradations. It has been striving to create a build international green and wisdom city, featured with tourism and culture, international trade logistics city and international health endowment city. It also put efforts to build a comprehensive and wide-ranging, multi-level of opening-up pattern, so as to provide a powerful engine for “promoting the wealthy and strong city and building a happy Tai’an”.

Implement of high-quality and efficient industrial development strategy and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system. Make competitive industries bigger and stronger. Emphasize on developing special vehicles, automobiles and auto parts and other superior products. Focus on developing power cables, high-voltage switchgear, transformers, combined electrical, power station automation devices and other products. Focus on developing E-glass fiber and products, gypsum and plaster products. Focus on the development of construction machinery, mining machinery and other superior products.

The introduction of high technology is to transform four major industries including coal, chemical, food and textile and to promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries. Accelerate the development of emerging industries. Focus on the development of four major industries including new materials, new energy, new information, and new medicine to promote strategic adjustment of industrial structure.

Since 1987, the annual International Climbing Festival of Mount Tai has held 26 sessions. There will be a large number of joint cooperation projects signed at each festival.

High-tech Development Zone in Tai’an is a national high-tech development zone, so the area dedicates to create “three strategic emerging industries”: bio-pharmaceutical industry, new energy industry and electronic information industry.  To create “three modern service industry”: priority development of technology, information, business and other producer service industries, as soon as complete and perfect commerce, real estate, automotive services, community services and other life service industry, strive to foster the development of service outsourcing, energy saving and environmental protection, cultural and creative industrial design and other emerging service industries. Focus on developing high-yield, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safe agriculture and specialty products. Construct facility agriculture, organic vegetables and flowers nursery base. Animal husbandry takes “dairy enriching project” and pig production as the priority.

Tai'an Tourism Economic Development Zone is a provincial tourism resort area and its planning area is 23.96 square kilometers, of which Tianping Lake has 3.60 square kilometers area. It is oriented to be a compound tourist holiday zone with tourism, leisure, vacation, leisure-based tourist resort, which is extension and supplement of the Mount Tai scenic. The development projects of time line are located in the core business district of the city. The development projects of time line are located in the core business district of the city.

New District along Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

Planning area is four square kilometers. It will be built to be a living city with beautiful ecological environment.

Mount Tai International Health and Nursing District

The project covers an area of 1,500 acres, focusing on Okimichi culture, pear culture, health culture, landscape and other featured culture. The project will become the largest sports leisure community with the most complete supporting function and the most advanced operating modes in China.

Expo Center of World Tourism Trading Commodity

The project will bear the function to design, produce and distribute the tourist goods all over the world. The project will match with the surrounding Fangte theme park, worship ceremony, Mount Tai Tarzan, Mount Tai Tianchi lake, Mount Tai International Hot Springs and other projects, thus to form a complete cultural tourism trade service system with viewing, shopping, creation, dining, entertainment and accommodation as a unity.

Taishan Grand View Garden

The project is located at the foot of Mount Tai and its planning area reaches 1,200 acres. It will use a variety of means including real scene, animation, wax, performance to assemble worship ceremony, historical figures, allusions legends, art and literature, folk opera, cultural relics collection. Thus it will show the tranquil and peaceful culture of Tai’an, religion, culture, folk culture, industry culture, health culture, food culture and tea and wine, jade, herbs and other specialty Tai'an culture. Then it will be a large zone featured with entertainment leisure, cultural experiences, health care and creative trade. 

Harmonious Tai’an 

Tai’an is home to harmony development of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and communion of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and other religions, reflecting the cultural diversity and inclusiveness. Culture, education, health care, finance, insurance, social security and other social undertakings in Tai’an have a coordinated development and Tai’an is full of energy and harmonious and stable. Tai’an is one of China’s top 100 investment environment cities.

Tai’an Municipal CPC-Tai’an Municipal People’s Government gives advice to enhance the level of opening up. The goal of the next five years is the city’s actual utilization of foreign investment totaled to $ 2.5 billion, an average annual increase of about 30% in 5 years and to strive to introduce 30 or more Fortune 500 companies. Create a livable environment for development. According to the plan, foreign living and investment environment should be optimized, residential district meet foreign life custom should be built, international education, International Education and health system for foreign residence should be strengthened, favorable conditions for living, and medical care and children’s schooling of foreign businessman should be created.

We should intensify policy support of the opening economy. Formulate the supportive policies to encourage the development of an opening economy and subsidize the introduction of foreign investment projects, corporate domestic and foreign exhibitors, foreign contracted projects, the transformation and upgrading, etc. The awards should be increased year after year and the policy should be in place.

Opinion on the Introduction of Overseas High-level Talents Comments to Tai’an

Since 2010, we should take 5-10 years to designedly and hierarchically introduce 500 or so high-level creative talents or practical talents our city lack, support the construction of six or so municipal innovation base for overseas talent, strive to introduce 20 talents and 2 innovative entrepreneurial bases into the provincial or national plans.

It focuses on the introduction of photovoltaic silicon materials, inorganic composite materials, new building materials, automobile manufacturing, fine chemicals, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy products manufacturing, textile industry information technology and other aspects of senior R & D personnel, business management personnel and compound talents. It adapts to the need to create an international tourist city, and actively introduces talents of tourism marketing, urban planning and construction, cultural innovation, etc.

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