Harmonious Tai’an

Date: 2015-12-28, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Tai’an City, Total Visits :

Tai’an is home to harmony development of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism and communion of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam and other religions, reflecting the cultural diversity and inclusiveness. Culture, education, health care, finance, insurance, social security and other social undertakings in Tai’an have a coordinated development and Tai’an is full of energy and harmonious and stable. Tai’an is one of China’s top 100 investment environment cities.

Tai’an Municipal CPC-Tai’an Municipal People’s Government gives advice to enhance the level of opening up. The goal of the next five years is the city’s actual utilization of foreign investment totaled to $ 2.5 billion, an average annual increase of about 30% in 5 years and to strive to introduce 30 or more Fortune 500 companies. Create a livable environment for development. According to the plan, foreign living and investment environment should be optimized, residential district meet foreign life custom should be built, international education, International Education and health system for foreign residence should be strengthened, favorable conditions for living, and medical care and children’s schooling of foreign businessman should be created.

We should intensify policy support of the opening economy. Formulate the supportive policies to encourage the development of an opening economy and subsidize the introduction of foreign investment projects, corporate domestic and foreign exhibitors, foreign contracted projects, the transformation and upgrading, etc. The awards should be increased year after year and the policy should be in place.

Opinion on the Introduction of Overseas High-level Talents Comments to Tai’an

Since 2010, we should take 5-10 years to designedly and hierarchically introduce 500 or so high-level creative talents or practical talents our city lack, support the construction of six or so municipal innovation base for overseas talent, strive to introduce 20 talents and 2 innovative entrepreneurial bases into the provincial or national plans.

It focuses on the introduction of photovoltaic silicon materials, inorganic composite materials, new building materials, automobile manufacturing, fine chemicals, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy products manufacturing, textile industry information technology and other aspects of senior R & D personnel, business management personnel and compound talents. It adapts to the need to create an international tourist city, and actively introduces talents of tourism marketing, urban planning and construction, cultural innovation, etc. 

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