Garden-like City-Weihai

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Administration Areas

Weihai has the jurisdiction over Huancui District, Wendeng District, Rongcheng City, Rushan City and 3 state-level development zones, namely Weihai Torch Hi-Tech Science Park, Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone, Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone and one national level Export Processing Zone.

Geographic Location

Weihai is located in the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, facing South Korea and Japan across the sea. It’s the nearest city to South Korea in China. The shortest distance over the sea is only 93 nautical miles. Weihai covers the land area of 5,797 square kilometers with a coastline of 985.9 kilometers. The permanent residents are 2.8 million.

Natural Condition

Weihai is endowed with beautiful natural scenery, agreeable climate and pleasant environment. There is no severe winter and sultry summer with abundant rainfall and moderate annual temperature. Due to the moderating effect of the ocean, Weihai also features a distinctive four seasons with cold spring, cool summer, warm autumn and mild winter. Air quality rate has reached 100%, and the urban green coverage rate reaches 47.2%. Weihai is one of the areas with the best air and sea water quality in China, presenting a unique urban landscape featuring “sea in the city, city in the mountain, buildings in the forests and people in the green environment.”

Living Environment

Weihai is one of the model cities most suitable for living in the world. It enjoys distinct urban landscape with various architectures companied by green mountains, blue sky and sea. Weihai has a beautiful environment with sound facilities. Tradition and modernization, unique character and fashion are blended perfectly here. The complete facilities include golf, sail, hunting, spa bath, fishing, top-grade shopping malls, large supermarkets, star-level hotels, various dining halls full of foreign expressions, high-grade hospitals, international schools and entertainment centers for foreigners.

History and Culture

In ancient times, Weihai was considered the place where the sun-god lives. Both Emperor Qinshihuang and Emperor Hanwudi had patrolled eastward here and left many cultural relics, which made Weihai a historic place for blessing. In 1398, the Ming Dynasty quartered troops here and named the place “Weihaiwei” which means “having the power over coastal area and territorial sea”. Hence the region is called Weihai. In 1898, Weihai was forced to lease to UK till the year 1930 when Weihai was set up as a provincial level administrative region. In 1987, prefectural-level Weihai City was established.

China’s first navy was established in Liugong Island in the Qing Dynasty. As the birthplace of Beiyang Navy and the main battlefield of Jiawu Naval Battle, Weihai became one of the “seven sons” together with Hong Kong in the article written by Mr. Wen Yiduo and was pushed to the forward position of the modern history of China. The long history has left Weihai solid cultural heritage, the blending traditional culture and the modern civilization, the pluralization of Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese cultures have added infinite charm to this beautiful city.


Weihai is a well-known coastal tourism and leisure resort in China. Stretching coastline of nearly one thousand kilometers, Weihai presents us beautiful seaside sceneries with the mountain, the sea, the island and the spring, and each of them has its unique features. It is not only a famous coastal tourism resort but also a famous town of spa. Weihai has one5Alevel scenic spot --Liugong Island, eight4Alevel scenic spots, such as Fahua Temple on Mt. Chi, Cape Chengshantou, Silver Beach, Darushan, Tianmu Spa and Xiangu Peak, and many other famous tourist attractions such as Swan Lake, Kunyu Mountain, International Swimming Beach, Weihai Park and Happiness Park.

City Recognitions

The First National Health City in China;

The First National Model City for Environmental Protection in China;

The First National Excellent Tourism City Cluster;

The First National Garden City Cluster in northern China;

The National Forest City;

Winner of China Habitat Environment Award;

Winner of UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honor for Improving the Living Environment;

Top 40 Cities of Investment Environment and Top 50 Cities of Comprehensive Economic Strength;

Coastal Holiday Resort, World Livable City

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