Weifang City-Festivals and Fairs

Date: 2015-12-24, Source: Bureau of Commerce of Weifang City, Total Visits :

In recent years, Weifang has won great fame and popularity at home and abroad by developing its unique festival and exhibition economy on rich resources and setting up a platform for economic and cultural exchanges with the outside world. Since 1984, the annual Weifang International Kite Festival has become the name card of Weifang City for going global. On the basis of the kite culture, Weifang also holds a series of other festivals and exhibitions each year, such as Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair, China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Fair, China (Changle) Jewel Festival, China (Qingzhou) Flower Expo, North China (Changyi) Plant Expo and Linqu Rare Stone Fair.

Weifang International Kite Festival

In April each year, kite fans around the world come to Weifang to take part in the International Kite Festival, decorating the sky of Weifang with colorful kites in various shapes. By now, the festival has been successfully staged for 32 consecutive years, and Weifang is designated as the World Kite Capital by the International Kite Federation.

China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Fair

The vegetable fair, held in April each year, is one of the five major agricultural exhibitions in China and the only specialized international vegetable fair held in the country, playing an important role in promoting the country’s standardization and internationalization of vegetable plantation.

Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair

As one of the four major economic and trade fairs in Shandong province, Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair provides great opportunities for the cooperation between Taiwan and mainland enterprises and has become an important platform for economic and cultural exchanges across Taiwan Straits.

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